Fizz the kitty does not like other cats, Chuck out neighborhood cat is super friendly and lovable, he was just wanting some petting, Fizz the Kitty does not like it when I pet other cats, [More]
A new cat moved into our house. The old cat is angry. I don’t speak cat, but I can tell that they are angry cats. I hope they learn to be friends.
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This cat became angry and pee when he examined.
母ちゃん、いつもの時間に帰宅してから食事後またお仕事に…あめちゃん、夜中に帰宅した母ちゃんに激怒してます。 Mom came back home from work!!! Ame felt something strange… So Mom went to work again. BGM:甘茶の音楽工房
A black cat out in the night with cool glowing eyes…really cool!!!! loads of interesting stuff at
This Kitten’s twin causes mischief and mayhem wherever it goes. Kittens EVIL Twin – Hilarious Short Film of Cats Causing Serious Trouble Video’s about inspiring people, surreal places and brilliant creative things. My Video Playlists [More]
Goldem Film VK – Goldem Film Site – Goldem Film Facebook – Goldem Film Twitter – Кошка притворяка притворяется мертвой потому, что очень хитрая. Она даже спит как человек развалившись.
Bubble & Squeak, both female over age of 3years playing with their treats 🙂 we always play with them & reward with treats 🙂 love it when they’re being clever girls 🙂
Jumping over tube, up and down off of barrier, turn in circles, jump on and off cat post, lay down, roll over, sit up… Trained using clicker and focus training. Since substituted clicker with clicking [More]