Our cat, proving he is smart.
After tying a plastic frog on a string to the ceiling, adorable cat Bella and her owner play tether-frog and she loves it.
#SharkCat, Duckling, Pit Bull Sharky & Roomba! ..”Just layer upon layer of surreal video. No narration. No teenager giggling behind the camera. No added animation or dumbass text laid over the video. Just a person [More]
Just what the title says! This video won’t be interesting to you unless you love cats, so be forewarned. For those wondering, Artemis is almost three years old, and is a mixed breed of street-cat [More]
His name is Foo and he has a habit of getting his ball in places where it’s hard to play with, so he now picks it up with his mouth, Drops it in an open [More]
KC plays his first complete original song. His playing started out as an irritating way to get my attention when he wanted outside .. But now he just plays it for the fun of it [More]
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